For its Print Media/Advertising: Trade Show Exhibit Entry, Proficient Learning received Honorable Mention

Wilmington, N.C. — June 22, 2018 — Proficient Learning, a full-service company that creates advanced selling and coaching skills training for life science professionals, has been awarded Honorable Mention in the prestigious 2018 Hermes Creative Awards. The international competition honors messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media. Entries are submitted by all types of companies and freelancers, and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

For this year’s competition, Proficient Learning entered the Print Media/Advertising category by submitting a case study and accompanying creative (event photos and video) demonstrating its Trade Show Booth the company showcased at the 2017 Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network Annual Conference.

“We’re beyond excited to be acknowledged for our hard work and creativity,” says Proficient Learning CEO Pam Marinko. “Innovation is important to our organization and we aim to break the mold when it comes to ho-hum learning methods. We put a lot of effort into continuously brainstorming new ideas that keep sales teams engaged and result in effective sales strategies,” she adds.

Proficient Learning’s innovative Trade Show Booth consisted of the recreation of a half-day workshop made up of four unique experiential learning environments, known as Experience Rooms, originally created for a client to guide 160 sales professionals to think differently and self-discover solutions to a known challenge with a new product launch.

Trade show attendees relied on 360-degree augmented reality made possible by iPads and earbuds to rotate through four Experience Rooms, just as sales professionals had in the Proficient Learning workshop. Each of room was an environment with a distinct theme and business case highlighting companies or brands that have become successful as second-to-market entrants. The rooms immersed participants in the strategy, market positioning, branding, product differentiation, and winning execution of each product or brand. And after each experience, the goal was for sales professionals to apply and integrate the key concepts with their own pre-launch strategy.

Booth creation involved large-scale production and a great amount of planning between strategy leaders, creative teams and logistics teams. Proficient Learning Creative Director Mike Volkmar says, “It was quite an undertaking to recreate this immersive experience in a trade show environment because of all the moving parts—four separate rooms, each with two different focuses, and a means to recreate the experience for attendees in a way that truly engaged them and made them feel as if they were there in person. Ultimately, it was a success, and attendees loved it!”

Proficient Learning is a full-service company that creates advanced selling and coaching skills training for life science professionals. With our creative product sales kickoff workshops, experiential hands-on events, and engaging curriculum-based training, we enable mid-market to global pharmaceutical, biotech & medical device companies to accelerate product adoption, increase product utilization, and improve sales performance.

Our customizable Ready-2-Train™ solutions are field-tested and continuously updated training tools that give you the innovation, flexibility, and speed to execute your training and coaching development strategy. Our strategic mobile performance coaching tool, mCoach® 2.0, prepares your sales managers for interactive coaching and creates a positive impact on your sales organization.

Founded in 2005, we have delivered 430+ workshops, trained over 13,110 life science professionals, and served more than 55 happy companies.

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