Our industry is changing rapidly. But our approach to coaching hasn’t!

We believe in the POWER of coaching!

Coaching and the connection that QUALITY coaching brings is more important than ever to ensure our teams have the skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We have redefined the approach to coaching to leverage that connection.

Omni·coach is a framework that builds a culture of coaching through COLLABORATIVE conversations that ELEVATE coaching quality and INSPIRE leadership at every level of an organization.

Connecting theory with practice:

The Omni·coach framework connects training, insights, data, and tools to make Quality Coaching a habit.

Unparalleled Training
Training that extends beyond how to use the platform. Immersive training focused on the tenets of quality coaching and reinforcement to make quality coaching a habit.
Omni·coach provides a blueprint for coaching excellence that enhances every coaching conversation. A focus on skill development ensures that your teams can meet any challenge.
Quality Analysis
Our coaching strategy team performs ongoing personalized analysis of coaching in your organization. This team will collaborate with you to elevate quality.
Omni·coach is an intuitive platform that encourages managers and their teams to take an active role in their development. The Omni·coach dashboard captures meaningful data to identify, inform, and impact strategy throughout your organization.

Omni·coach has the POWER to inspire leadership.

Inspiring leaders are those who use their unique combination of strengths to motivate
individuals and teams to take on bold missions and hold them accountable for results.


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