It’s project kickoff time! You’re preparing to implement with a new stakeholder and it’s going to be a long process with a lot of moving pieces. To ensure successful implementation and customer satisfaction, there are a few cardinal rules to follow.

Rule #1–Be Transparent and Communicate

When it comes to any type of implementation—especially with technology—you should be transparent with the stakeholder. Be clear about all of the processes you develop, every recommendation you provide, and all of the testing that might occur. Remember that you’re both building a partnership with each other, so you must have a foundation of trust. If anything becomes delayed or it looks like the deliverable deadline will change, open the lines of communication. Not only that but, most importantly, present solutions!

Rule #2–Be Adaptable and Think Ahead

It’s imperative to think ahead at all times. Step back and look at the bigger picture. What challenges could arise during the implementation process? The stakeholder is extremely busy and looks to your expertise in ensuring a smooth implementation. Think ahead about items that will be helpful for the stakeholder. These might include clear and concise timelines, who is responsible for which action items, and what happens after an action item is completed. When you’re able to plan ahead and adapt to changes that are outside of the initial plan and process, stakeholders appreciate your ability to tackle challenges—and success follows!

Rule #3–Be Available and Step Outside of the Box

There are times where an implementation requires services that go above and beyond. There may even be times when answering an email or addressing an item will be outside of normal business hours. Though such tasks may be a bit inconvenient or take some extra effort, ensuring successful implementation doesn’t always happen during normal business hours. If a challenge arises, be able to think outside the box and bring solutions to your stakeholder.

Each new implementation sparks new ideas and improves processes. At the same time, and most importantly, the success of each implementation is determined by the trust and loyalty of a stakeholder. All parties involved understand challenges may arise during the planned implementation, but it’s adaptability and creative thinking that will bring everyone to the launch with full confidence. Being available to provide information, deliver results, and communicate are all essential parts of the overall project success!