mCoach launches enhanced Field Coaching Report capability increasing sales performance value and impact of coaching

Automated field coaching report (FCR) process with mCoach™ promotes more collaborative sales coaching dialogue between managers and sales professionals while driving improved sales performance
Wilmington, NC (September 1, 2015)–With the integration of simple, intuitive Field Coaching Reports and an automated FCR process into its mCoach application, Proficient Learning, LLC has introduced a paradigm shift in delivering more effective sales coaching practices. mCoach offers sales managers a FCR that’s not only easier to complete but provides robust development tools at their fingertips while in the field, on the phone, or preparing for a field ride.
Three key features of mCoach are designed to promote collaboration between sales management and sales professionals and to streamline, simplify, and enrich the FCR process:
·        The one touch evaluation slide bar enables the manager to easily and consistently evaluate their sales professionals’ selling skills throughout the day
·        The field ride observation section develops the manager’s ability to recognize and describe observable behavior to enhance coaching effectiveness
·        The automated coaching plan feature allows for easy selection of available development resources to accelerate skill improvement and training sales professionals

At any time throughout the process, the sales manager can dynamically view how the FCR is evolving and instantly share it via email or on the mCoach platform once it is completed. 
“The once-and-done FCR enhances the quality and effectiveness of sales managers. They can now spend their valuable time coaching and developing their sales professionals rather than handling administrative issues tied to historical FCR processes,” stated Marcy Lantzy VP, Innovation and New Product Development.

“Gone are the days of sales managers viewing FCRs as a ‘have-to’ exercise after each field ride. With mCoach, the FCR becomes a collaborative opportunity to improve the performance of each sales professional. The mobile application puts an array of valuable development tools at the manager’s fingertips. The ease and simplicity of mCoach increases quality time spent in the field which leads to increased sales performance,” continued Lantzy.
Additional features and benefits of mCoach and its Field Coaching Reports are available at
About mCoach
mCoach is a mobile coaching application designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness with which management interacts with and develops the selling skills of their sales professionals. mCoach is a scalable, interactive coaching tool that simplifies the coaching and development process and enables managers to rapidly identify sales performance opportunities. 
About Proficient Learning, LLC
Since 2005, Proficient Learning has been creating customized sales performance and management training solutions that deliver sales results. As a leader in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, Proficient Learning has built a suite of Ready-to-Train™ solutions based on extensive experience in the classroom and in the field, as well as management development programs to drive improved sales force effectiveness.

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