mCoach and Coaching Model Implementation


A large medical device company needed a solution that would enable more effective coaching for their sales professionals.

They didn’t have a coaching model or tool in place and weren’t using a method for written or verbal feedback. They needed a solution that would be simple to use, easy to execute, and successful in changing behavior.

The client’s goals for the solution were:

  • Improve customer engagement and interactions
  • Expand product portfolio footprint within target customers
  • Increase engagement among sales professionals
  • Reduce field sales turnover


Proficient Learning implemented the mCoach platform across the client’s Sales, Training, and Human Resources organizations. The platform was designed for the management teams and individual sales professionals to use. As a part of the mCoach platform, Proficient created a valuation rating rubric based on the client’s own skill competencies. The solution also included an implementation of the COACH model that was customized for the medical device selling environment. After careful evaluation, Proficient and the client decided on a simultaneous launch of mCoach and COACH to maximize the value and benefit of both solutions working in tandem.

Proficient Learning training included sessions on interactive coaching skills and effective feedback, with pre-work eModules. We held live training for Sales Management and provided a coaching toolkit to augment the new mCoach and COACH solutions. Proficient led collaborative, hands-on training with the mCoach tool for sales professionals and their managers to help them use the rating rubric, skills expectations, and field visit preparation tools.

Proficient Learning conducts monthly meetings with the client to share and discuss the outcome summary of trends captured through mCoach.


  • Implementing both mCoach and the COACH model gave each participant a strong foundation for coaching excellence, clearly defined expectations, and consistent evaluation metrics during manager/sales professional interactions
  • Increased and improved account planning
  • Increased sales team engagement
  • Improved utilization of sales resources across target customer base

This is 1 tool that rounds out the overall plan and stays consistent with the same message with them in front of the customer. This tool is another variable in the bigger picture and drives efficiency when done consistently.”

First Line Sales Manager

“If you look at it for each rep, mCoach helps coach and guide them to success. As a manager, I can adapt a little more with each to work the best. They like the feedback to be in line and when they receive the FCR, there is nothing that they don’t anticipate because we completed it together in a collaborative process.”

First Line Sales Manager